October 30, 2018 - Cloud Web Designs

Neville the Knight

By Karel Jordaan / On

Neville the Knight is pretty much as far done as Im going to take it.
It took quite a long time just to do the little that I’ve done up to now and it was really just a further learning experience with making a rpg game using the enchant.js framework.

There really isnt much to the game infact I wont even call it a game. I might want to consider calling it a demo but I dont even think it qualifies as that so if you keen just go try it and see what I mean.
There is some example code that I used but I also coded quite alot of “my own code” as I came to understand the framework better and what it offers.
Its not perpect but at least playable and maybe just maybe I will build upon that which I have allready done there in the future and add a few more scenarios or charachters and scenes but for now Im going to let it just rest were it is…

I have also started on another web application that parents can use with their kids to help kids learn to count to 10.
The concept in a nutshell is to match the actual number with the word number. So ex. match 1 with the word ONE, 2 with TWO ect ect you get the idea. Then I will also probably make it play the other way around aswell so matching the word ONE with the number 1 ect ect. It will pretty much be a drag and drop type of vibe to move everything into place.
Maybe someone out there in the world wide web might actually try it, who would even know,ha ha.
Either way I enjoy doing this so I will finish that probably in a week or two and start thinking about a concept for a new game I want to make.

Till then,
Go give Neville the Knight a quick try on your smartphone if you will,I thank you then. Just click the link and Bob is your daddy or uncle or maybe even your brother from another mother, who even cares. https://cloudwebdesigns.co.za/wp-content/themes/pine/Neville%20the%20Knight/index.html