October 15, 2018 - Cloud Web Designs

Neville the Knight!

By Karel Jordaan / On

Who is this oke!?

Ok so ive been busy for a long time with this game Neville the Knight and it is still not done.
I am however making progress and will probably upload it to my website within a couple of weeks when there’s a little more of exploring to do.

It is as always a learning experience with this javascript framework enchant.js but alot of fun and rewarding when you figure it out and the code works ha ha! Alot of it is example code as usual but also because the plugins enchant.js has availble makes alot of functionality quite easy to implement in the game.Its also my first attempt at developing a RPG type game so learning as I go along is really the main focus.RPG is short for Role Playing Game in case you did not know.
There really wont be much of a plot or in depth of mechanics to the game,which is a big deal with RPG games, but keeping in mind that im learning all the time so I try to keep things simple at my first attempts otherwise I find I get dispondent too quickly and thats not a good thing.

So is there any plot then you chop?I hear you ask!?Well for now Neville the Knight cruises around in a world called Gamblaria,which is a little plot of land with a gambling vibe to it.Every one seems to want to gamble for gold.There is a great gambling sorceror who sets the stakes high, so he is gaurded by a huge dragon, which I would not want to mess with but to get to Gableron the great gambling sorceror, you have to sneak past that guy and he looks scary.I’d watch my step if I were you ha ha!
If you get in his way you will have to fight him and that could be dangerous for you…

Thats kind of all I can say for now about Neville the Knight, however I have also started to recode my space shooter game from scratch now that I have little bit more knowledge of enchant.js, I’m updating it a bit to make it more playable on mobile devices so when its done I’ll let you know then you can go and try it on your smart phone. For now the first version is still on my site to try on your pc.You can also try Alien Crusher on your smart phone a have a couple minutes of fun until those pesky alien buggers infest your phone whu ha haa!
K thats all for now,
Thanks cheers!