August 12, 2018 - Cloud Web Designs

Alien Crusher

By Karel Jordaan / On

Alien Crusher is a new little game that took me about a 10 days to complete using enchant.js and all images,sounds and music that is used for the game are all free assets that gets provided to use with the framework when you download it.There is some really good stuff to use so my next game that I will be attempting might be something along the lines of a RPG game which is short for Role Playing Game.

The concept for Alien Crusher came about within 30 minutes of me starting scripting on the game. Initially the concept I had for the game was going to be quite different, more along the lines of a movement game where you as a player have to dodge objects or aliens coming at you but the idea changed into what it is now. The focus however for this game was to make the game more playable on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets but I also had desktop in mind so you will still be able to give it a go on your desktop with a mouse. Being more playable on mobile devices really just means that your interaction with the game is done via screen taps that trigger the explosions to destroy those pesky little alien buggers.
If you havent tried the game yet please do so and who knows you might just enjoy it.

The plot for the game is quite simple. If you have tried the Space Shooter game then you will know all about those pesky little alien buggers that fly around your screen like they own the damn place , well in this game those pesky little alien buggers are trying to infest your device and you have to fend them off by smashing them to a puff of smoking smitherines.
All the power is in your fingers as your finger taps destroyes them one by one whu ha haa!

Theres always one group that dominates and in this case its those pesky green buggers and theres no perticular reason for that so thats just a bit of useless information for you. From what I’ve heard though they are actually the bastard children of that pesky blue bugger but I dont want to get into their personal lives and neither should you. Now smashing aliens is hard work so make sure to keep an eye on your energy bar and keep it powered up by tapping the power block when it appears on the screen cause if your energy runs out it means those pesky little alien buggers have won the battle of investation on your device.Also keep a lookout cause if those pesky buggers discover the source of your energy they will attack it to try and defeat you.
Darn pesky little buggers…he he.
Till next time,cheers.

If you want to see the code for the game you can follow the link below to my github account,thanks.
github to view the game code