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Little putt putt game.

By Karel Jordaan / On

If you reading this then hello to you and thanks for coming this long you will continue reading this remains to be seen and that choice is entirely up to you. Im not going to ramble much so this post will primarily be about the silly little putt putt golf game you can find on my site, which if you haven’t tried it yet, I want to kindly suggest you go do so quick,thanks.

So if you tried the game I hope you made that trick shot and I shall call you tiger. Anyways why did I decide to create a game like that, well I got the idea from the fact that one of my clients is a driving range in Hillcrest Durban so the plan was to create the game as a little something extra for visitors to interact with on their website.
So lets be honest its definetely not a game reminiscent of any PS4 or XBOX1 titles, in fact more like a Atari or commodore 64 type game, and also not very original, but it was still alot of fun for me to make.
So most of the code is actually example code that can be found on the website, which is a great free online source to utilise if you are interested in learning to code. The rest mostly comprises of conditional logic that had to be implemeted to get all the actions and events to trigger. The whole game is coded in HTML5 and vanilla Javascript,the HTML5 part basically is just a element called a canvas tag which gets added to the page and that allows for drawing and graphics to be displayed on the screen inside the element.It took about a week to code as I worked on it for about 3/4 hours a day. So its not perfect theres bound to be some bugs in there somewhere but for the most part its playable I think.

So after I finished that game I started looking at a javascript framework called enchant.js, which is a framework that is specifically used for game development. Its probably not the latest or greatest framework but for now I think it offers all the functionality needed for me to start coding my next game. So the next game I have started working on will be a space shooter/space invaders type of game using the enchant.js framework and the platform I will target again will be desktop computers. I will however in the future also target mobile devices as this framework makes it quite easy to do so. I will put up some posts from time to time to let you know when its done so you can go and play it and let me know what you think.

Ok so thats it for now on my first post. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment and go like my facebook page. Cloud web designs . Thanks Cheers for now..

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